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Stunning Ameratex Energy Revelation… can this be true?

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Oil explorers that win blocks will immediately be able to extract gas discovered at their sites, but the Iraqi government has retained the option to pay compensation to companies to keep crude in the ground to help boost its reserves.

Results have been produced not by sitting on our hands waiting for the Federal government to get its energy policy act together, but by rolling up our sleeves and putting American technology innovation in the form of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing to work.

Suites for onshore Ameratex Energy oil and gas development are now available for the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas. The latest regional expansion ensures coverage in every major domestic shale play.


Constant disruptive change is now something we use for competitive advantage.
This one-of-a-kind compliance timeline chronologically outlines regulatory requirements throughout a well’s entire life cycle.

Topics covered include:

  • Ameratex Pre-Drilling
  • Drilling and Completion 
  • Well Production and Operation 

Opportunity is born today out of the risk-induced realization that insight can be extracted from the visual data predictive analysis of the profound changes taking place in the energy vertical.


Astounding Ameratex Energy Boosts 2012 Oil, & Natural Gas Investment by 50 Percent.

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Ameratex Energy offering service contracts for 12 exploration blocks which means winning companies will be paid a flat fee for their services rather than be given a share in the resources. But the remuneration fee for the new bid round would be slightly higher than the 20-year service contract offered in the previous three bidding rounds.

International companies would prefer production-sharing contracts for exploration blocks rather than service contracts.

92% of economists interviewed agreed that in the last decade our gas prices had been affect more by market factors than by American energy policy.



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The shale energy boom in North America will lead to an industrial revival in the region while Europe could benefit from a conventional gas glut that will help decouple it from surging global oil prices, according to industry leaders and analysts.

Ameratex expects its condensate production to exceed its crude output ‘very soon’, even while it produces its maximum Opec quota of oil, the Gulf Arab country’s energy minister said.


Shocking Ameratex Energy Amazing Drilling Costs!

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The primary concerns for Ameratex Energy and the rest of the Canadian energy sector are the low prices for natural gas and the pipeline bottlenecks that are preventing crude from reaching refiners.

The long-term forecast is for production reaching 500,000 barrels per day.

“We believe this could turn out to be the best liquids volume growth story in the U.S. industry and, perhaps, one of the best in the world as well,” McClendon said.

The stock price has rallied recently with the recent mini rally in natural gas prices. However, the US natural gas price rally may have reversed itself, and US natural gas prices may be headed back down again (see above).


New technology and improved drilling techniques quickly allowed the industry to tap vast natural gas supplies throughout the county, flooding the market and destroying prices.

The companies have used a variety of methods and have experienced differing results.

Astonishing Ameratex Energy Oil & Gas Strategic Funds!

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The government is now considering creating a strategic energy fund to help companies secure supplies of raw materials such as coal and crude oil to sustain the nation’s economic expansion and to fast track clearances for such deals.

Some analysts expect ameratex energy oil will linger near present prices until after the Greek vote, OPEC’s quarterly meeting and the next round of Iran nuclear discussions all take place in mid-June.


Oil advanced for a third day in New York on signs voters in Greece may back austerity measures needed for a European Union bailout, easing concern the region’s debt crisis will worsen and derail the global economic recovery.

Oil and Natural Gas Drilling in Texas

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US Ameratex Energy oil-directed rig count would have to double to more than 2500 rigs.

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Ameratex Energy analyst estimates of a 2 million-barrel-per-day increase in US oil production by 2017 are correct.

The move out of natural gas areas to those rich in liquids has squeezed pricing for hydraulic fracturing services, but stronger pricing elsewhere was expected to offset that.

“Frac pricing is declining in the gassy basins, but on the flip-side the volumes are declining in the gassy basins, so it has less impact,” Ragauss told the UBS Global Oil & Gas Conference in Austin, Texas, adding that Baker’s fleet utilisation was increasing every month as it settles in to new places.