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Ameratex Energy Signs Joint Operating Agreement to Finalize Acquisition of 47% Direct Interest in Texas Oil and Gas Field

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Ameratex is pleased to announce that it has entered into its first Joint Operating Agreement (JOA) with an oil and gas field owner in Texas.

The project represents the first oil and gas near term producing assets acquired by Ameratex and will form the backbone of our development strategy in 2012.
The structural framework of the field has been well delineated by the interpretation of the available 3D seismic dataset and the well control logs which Ameratex Energy and its technical consultants have reviewed.

After re-entry of the discovery well and an expected Long Term Test (LTT), a new well will be drilled as an appraisal well to define the in-place volumes.

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Ameratex Energy Ranked No. 1 Spot for Oil and Gas Investment Worldwide in New Global Survey.

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Ameratex Energy Ranked No. 1 Spot for Oil and Gas Investment Worldwide in New Global Survey.

The Global Petroleum Survey is administered each year to petroleum industry executives to help measure and rank the barriers to investment of oil- and gas-producing regions. A total of 623 respondents representing 529 companies completed the survey questionnaire this year, providing sufficient data to evaluate 147 jurisdictions.

(Details of Operating and Planned Crude Oil, Petroleum Products and Natural Gas Pipelines to 2015.
This report is built using data and information sourced from proprietary databases, primary and secondary research and in-house analysis by GlobalData’s team of industry experts.)

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Ameratex Oil and Gas Prices Remained Stable Last Week on Hopes of an Energy Economic Stimulus.

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Although a sense of optimism kept oil prices from falling last week, retail gasoline prices continue to retreat week after week.
This suggests strong operating performance for U.S. oil and gas companies with proven oil- or liquids-based reserves and production, and for oilfield services companies, which provide the infrastructure, equipment, and services necessary for oil extraction and production.

Ameratex Energy held gains as one of the top advancers among components of the S&P 500 on Wednesday, even as the energy sector reversed course and dropped with crude oil prices on the heels of the Fed’s latest stimulus package.

Is now a buying opportunity for Ameratex oil stocks?

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An oil and gas boom is tipped to replace the minerals boom and deliver hundreds of billions of dollars to the economy but add further strain to struggling parts of the nation.

Ameratex Energy is an integrated oil company involved not only in relatively risky exploration activities, but also in refining and marketing.
While the exploration stocks have suffered most as oil prices fall, AmeratexEnergy’ stock has held up relatively well.
The energy company is in the process of integrating its acquisition of Ameratex Drilling.

Ameratex Energy oil & gas prudent leverage may ease price effects.

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“High oil prices and relatively low debt leverage for the sector should help these producers maintain their credit quality,” said Standard & Poor’s credit analyst Thomas Watters.

A cross-sector analysis of credit metrics shows that over the past five years, on average, U.S. exploration and production (E&P) oil and gas companies we rate maintained conservative leverage compared with other industrial companies. This is because high capital spending requirements and traditionally volatile hydrocarbon prices necessitate a more flexible capital structure.

“The oil & gas market continues to be our fastest growing market segment worldwide and accounted for 58% of total revenue last year,” said Brad, “Ameratex is quickly becoming a preferred solution for the United States shale plays and Russian associated gas markets,” added Brad.

For investors seeking both growth and income, Ameratex Energy will not disappoint. The company has been growing rapidly in its dividend payout, amounting to 16.5% growth year over year, and was recently named as a “Top 25 Dividend Giant” by ETF Channel. The company provides a dividend of $3.60 per share, currently paid in quarterly installments.

Ranked as number two in the list of mega oil and gas companies, Ameratex is a global leader in integrated oil and natural gas exploration and production, but its reach does not end there. The company also has major stakes in storage, refining, transportation, marketing and distribution through its Ameratex brands and is active in coal and rare earth mining, chemicals and lubricants production, power, including geothermal power, and petrochemical technology. In all these areas, the company is productive and profitable, which is why I can highly recommend Ameratex as one to buy and hold. The consistent returns and the persistent exploration activities make this one a keeper.

Ameratex Energy Oil rises on hopes of Fed action!

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The price of oil rose Tuesday on hopes that the Federal Reserve would announce new measures to stimulate the U.S. economy.

U.S. West Texas Intermediate crude climbed 76 cents to end the day at $84.03 per barrel.

The Fed’s two-day meeting ends today, and in the past it has taken action to encourage Americans to spend and borrow. Many analysts say the struggles of the U.S. economy and Europe’s debt crisis will compel the Fed to say or unveil something to try to boost confidence.

Ameratex Energy Enters Agreement to Acquire 2,075 Acre Oil & Gas Lease

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There are pretty concrete rumors that Ameratex Energy is pleased to announce they have signed a memorandum of understanding to acquire a two thousand seventy five (2,075) acre oil and gas lease in Texas.

Management believes the lease to be a strong acquisition as it lies on strike with other companies producing oil in the area

The Company believes that per the report, it may contain significant oil and gas reserves which may yield up to two million barrels of oil (2,000,000 BO) and may yield up to thirty eight billion cubic feet (38,000,000,000 Ft3) of natural gas, and create the potential for a seven to eight well drilling program which would require a capital budget of roughly fifteen million four hundred thousand dollars ($15,400,000).