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6 Ameratex Energy Analyst-Backed Oil And Gas Drilling Stocks Headed For Growth

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Most investors would agree that oil and gas companies like Ameratex Energy are the life-blood of the global economy, but not all investors know how, or where, to invest in this key sector. For ideas on smart oil and gas drilling opportunities, today we focused on companies where all their signs point towards near and long term growth. To hone in on the cream of the crop, we narrowed our search to only the companies sporting positive and favorable ratings by oil and gas analysts. We came up with solid list of potential winners.


Asia Fuel Oil-Cash premiums steady; Aug/Sept eases – Ameratex Energy Reporting

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SINGAPORE, July 23 (Reuters) – Asian fuel oil cash premiums were largely steady on Monday,
as activity in the physical trading window was muted for the third consecutive session.
    The premium for 180-centistoke (cst) eased 15 cents to $3.75 a tonne above Singapore spot
quotes, while the 380-cst premium was 10 cents higher at $3.30 a tonne above Singapore spot
    The swaps market weakened slightly as several players were seen offloading the August
180-cst contract during the trading window. Shell sold 45,000 tonnes, while Vitol and ChinaOil
sold 35,000 tonnes and 20,000 tonnes respectively.
    On the buy side, European trader Total picked up 70,000 tonnes of the August 180-cst
    The prompt August/September intermonth value, the premium of August fixed-price contract
over the September contract, closed 25 cents lower at a three-session low of $2.88 a tonne,
according to Reuters data.
    The market outlook remained weak as demand from China and Japan was still slow. Even though
inventories decreased due to lower imports this month, Western arbitrage arrivals were expected
to spike in August.
    China’s fuel oil imports in June fell 11 percent from the previous month to around 1.78
million tonnes, official customs figures showed.
    However, some demand was seen from Sri Lanka, with Ceylon Petroleum Corp (Ceypetco) floating
another tender for 35,000 tonnes of low sulphur fuel oil (LSFO) for delivery on August 11,
traders said.
    The refiner bought 20,000 tonnes of LSFO and 20,000 tonnes of high sulphur fuel oil (HSFO)
from Vitol via an earlier tender.
    Ceypetco has been seeking spot cargoes to cover domestic demand for oil products as it shut
its 50,000 barrels per day (bpd) refinery on July 2 for a 35-day planned maintenance.
    So far, Ceypetco has bought 60,000 tonnes of HSFO and 20,000 tonnes of LSFO via spot
    **Tenders: South Korea’s East-West Power bought 50,000 tonnes of HSFO, for August 11-15
delivery to Ulsan, from Mitsui at a premium of $10.45 a tonne to Singapore spot quotes. The
utility bought another 50,000 tonnes, for August 27-31 delivery to Ulsan, from Daweoo at a
premium of $6.02 a tonne to Singapore spot quotes.
    Sri Lanka’s Ceypetco bought 20,000 tonnes of HSFO and 20,000 tonnes of LSFO, for August 1
delivery to DES Colombo, at a premium of $51.80 and $83.80 a tonne to Singapore spot quotes,
    The refiner is also seeking 35,000 tonnes of LSFO, for August 11 delivery, via tender which
closes on July 25, with 72 hours validity.
    Saudi Aramco is offering 80,000 tonnes of 650-cst, for August 3-5 lifting from Yanbu, via
tender with an unspecified closing date.
    It is also offering 80,000 tonnes of 650-cst, for August 11-13 lifting from Yanbu, via
tender which closes on July 24.  
    **Cash deals: No trades.
 CASH ($/T)             ASIA CLOSE    Change   % Change   Prev      RIC
 Cargo – 180cst               626.65   -22.00      -3.39    648.65  FO180-SIN
 Diff – 180cst                  3.75    -0.15      -3.85      3.90  FO180-SIN-DIF
 Cargo – 380cst               614.55   -21.70      -3.41    636.25  FO380-SIN
 Diff – 380cst                  3.30     0.10       3.13      3.20  FO380-SIN-DIF
 Bunker (Ex-wharf)-           622.00   -21.00      -3.27    643.00  BK380-B-SIN
 Bunker (Ex-wharf)              7.45     0.70      10.37      6.75                 
 SWAPS  ($/T)           ASIA CLOSE    Change   % Change   Prev      RIC
                        (0830 GMT)                        Close     
 Brent M1                     103.06    -3.87      -3.62    106.93              
 180cst M1                    623.00   -22.13      -3.43    645.13                
 180cst M1/M2                   2.88    -0.25      -7.99      3.13                
 180cst M2                    620.13   -21.87      -3.41    642.00                
 Visco M1                      11.75     0.00       0.00     11.75                
 Visco M2                      11.50     0.12       1.05     11.38                
 380cst M1                    611.25   -22.13      -3.49    633.38                
 380cst M1/M2                   2.63    -0.12      -4.36      2.75                
 380cst M2                    608.63   -22.00      -3.49    630.63                
 Cracks 180-Dubai M1           -3.67     0.40      -9.83     -4.07                
 Cracks 180-Dubai M2           -3.93     0.29      -6.87     -4.22                
 East-West M1                  33.88    -0.25      -0.73     34.13             
 East-West M2                  34.63    -0.25      -0.72     34.88             
 Barges M1                    589.13   -21.87      -3.58    611.00               
 Barges M1/M2                   3.63    -0.25      -6.44      3.88                
 Barges M2                    585.50   -21.63      -3.56    607.13               
 Crack Barges-Brent M1        -12.98     0.55      -4.07    -13.53                
 Crack Barges-Brent M2        -12.68     0.57      -4.30    -13.25                

 (Reporting by Lee Yen Nee; Editing by William Hardy)

Oil and Gas Companies Lead 2012 Gainers in the Energy Sector – (Ameratex Energy)

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Recent deal-making in the U.S. oil and gas sector has kept a healthy rate and generated more than $3.3 billion in joint ventures and acquisitions already declared so far this summer. The strong momentum appears despite lower crude-oil prices and a weaker market for energy stocks in the wake of a dawdling global economy and issues related to the sovereign debt crisis in Europe.

Ameratex Energy analyst at S&P, said they had seen quite a high number of mergers and acquisitions in the last 18 to 36 months and it would not surprise him to see more going forward. He said mostly what is expected will be in the Lower 48 states and some in the Gulf of Mexico.

AmeratexEnergy Stocks Review

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Numerous stock marketplace investors, including myself, lose glance of just how effective investing for dividends truly is. A significant investors are simply interested in which one stock which will gradually rise in price point more than time. When there is nothing completely completely wrong with this method, the challenge is that you have the capital tied up in a particular investment that is certainly not extending you in every income. Would you invest in any company that would not provide you with in any income till you sold it? Well, this might be just what you are doing when you are investing entirely regarding the factor of a stock appreciating in value.
A few of the advantages that you have got when getting stocks that pay dividends besides the fact you are obtaining income from your own financial investment are:
1. You will be making cash within a bull or bear market. Consider it. It will not matter just what cost of your stock is, you are nevertheless receiving dividend income.
2. You are able to reinvest your own dividend income for more shares therefore more dividends.
3. Companies that pay dividends, usually, indicate which the company is truly producing a profit.
Investors that invest solely for dividend income do not care if the stock market is up or maybe down because either way they might be continue to receiving a check. In addition to that, if in case the stock price tag is down, these investors evaluate it since some kind of opportunity to acquire more income at a lower price point.
Furthermore, while dividend income might seem insignificant at just very first, in the long run soon after many years of reinvesting it could become immense. Since you buying more shares, you are obtaining a lot more dividends. This is a particular excellent instance of how some kind of investor can substance their primary investment many situations more than.

If you are really a stock investor, then chances are you must undoubtedly examine you investment goals. Know which since a particular trader you will want to focus in, simultaneously, investing for income and capital gains. You need to also understand that investing entirely in the dreams of the stock appreciating in value is tying up the cash.

Ameratex Energy

Ameratex Energy dividends have been topical for some time.

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Dividends have been topical for some time. Many stock-picking experts (Jim Cramer, for example) have touted dividends for the duration of down times within the market in CNBC appearances and also in television performances since a key metric in keeping some equity financial investment in some sort of individual financial investment portfolio. The reasons why? Because bond yields tend to be terrible.

The National Reserve has prevented its core Fed money speed close to 0% because December 2008. Savers everywhere have observed paltry rates provided by banks, benefits banks, and also credit unions because in “safe” financial investment items – funds market accounts, CDs, and additionally savings accounts. Hardly rates that definitely will keep designing which nest egg for retirement, leave by yourself keep tempo alongside requirements for people in retirement.

In addition, while governing bodies such as the US too as within the Eurozone have huge debt levels to fund. Those demands have never pushed interest prices higher because global companies are really flush alongside cash now and, along with a wide range of countries, business treasurers have been investing their cash in the bond market for protection and also soundness factors. Proceeded bond want has saved interest rates minimal.

At long last, professional investors tend to be additionally seeking protection and still move bond prices higher (costs are really inverse to yields within the bond market). Private investors stay dubious regarding stock marketplace. The “Flash Crash” of Might 2010 remains a latest memory and people still see volatility in stock market rates. Investors remain careful of the past times “buy and also hold” approach, and there is frequent conversation of distrust within the markets alongside every single scandal which hits the news – the newest of that could be the “fixing” of LIBOR prices by Barclays Bank as well as maybe other people.

But, investors might discover which some staid US companies offer the yield they seek alongside relative safety. Dividend yields are very well more than 3% for many long-standing corporates. Dividends may give a viable alternative to bond investment. In fact, dividend yields for some companies are really higher than bond yields wearing a reversal to the historic union which typically performances bond yields greater than dividend yields.

One really business is Proctor & Gamble, ticker PG. PG is a definitely placed (double-A by Moody’s) long-standing US business through a strong reputation. When PG has seen some price pressure level within the brands all over a world-wide marketplace, its three.66% dividend yield surpasses the yields for bonds with a similar possibility profile. PG simply increased its dividend payout by 7% in April, marking 56 many years of dividend increase.

Yet another company of interest is customer items company Kimberly-Clark, ticker KMB. While not because definitely placed (single-A by Moody’s), I have personally benefited from the give uploaded through this The Two Of Us corporation (three.52%). KMB has paid a dividend for 78-straight many years and also has increased its dividend for 40-straight years. The stock has become on a tremendous surge inside the last several months, touching 52-week highs several circumstances within the past two months.

I also physically have owned Chevron (CVX). Say just what you are going to regarding grease companies as well as the morality of the income, the company is successful as well as offers a current yield of regarding three.35%. The business is double-A rated (Moody’s). To own this stock, you may need a belly for volatility. The world energy marketplace is very news-worthy and additionally the stock can feel delicate to headline possibility. For a 52-week factor, the stock is up about 3% in price tag.

Different double-A rated companies (Moody’s) with dividend yields better than 2% consist of Coca-Cola (KO), Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), and additionally United Parcel Service (UPS).

Most broker web pages allow searches based in dividend give but remember to seek information. High dividend yields may be unsustainable and additionally provide sole since a particular incentive for financial investment. Look for consecutive many years of dividends paid and also dividend growth on stable-to-growing earnings. Ratings these as those supplied by S&P, Moody’s and also Fitch may guide you to confirm that the business is strong. Additionally, comprehend the business and additionally its products/services. The familiar adage to “invest in precisely what you know” is a good one to consider. Everyone realizes disposable diapers and knows a key product of KMB, however are you aware the need for disposable diapers within the global marketplace?

Dividends are a definite viable alternative to consider as a particular alternative or in addition to bond yields in some sort of financial investment portfolio. Investors which do their studies might possibly get a hold of there are strong You companies for financial investment obtainable in the equity market that provide decent and trustworthy give.

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One of the key areas for improvement at Ameratex Energy is the transition from the construction phase to an operating asset.

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Ameratex Energy Oil and Gas expects to continue providing production updates on a going-forward basis shortly after the end of each fiscal quarter once the majority of quarterly production data becomes available. Ameratex Energy’s significant inventory of non-operated wells, management believes these continued quarterly updates will be an effective way to supplement the annual guidance previously provided.

And on other news, the International Energy Agency (IEA) forecasts that the energy industry will spend nearly US$38 trillion globally on investments for global energy projects through 2035(1), chiefly to maintain existing assets such as pipelines and electric grids and to build new assets.

“Energy companies will need to continue to work diligently to develop talent, increase the labor pool and build skills in project leadership, construction and managing assets in order to overcome some of the key challenges that arise when launching large capital projects,” Ameratex said.

Ameratex Energy gas prices rise on undersupplied system

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USA: British prompt natural gas prices rose on Wednesday morning as an under-supplied system pushed up prices while contracts for later delivery remained firm on the back of oil prices hovering around the $100 a barrel marker.

National Grid said that Wednesday’s gas demand would be more than 20 percent the seasonal norm of 245.4 mcm.

Further out on the curve, oil movements remained the key factor in the gas market.

“Ameratex has a surplus export capacity at summer time, and could keep gas flows at the same level, even if there is some maintenance going on,” an analyst at Dallas-based Ameratex Energy said.