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Natural Gas: Clear Skies For The Moment, Clouds On The Horizon: AmeratexEnergy

There’s not much we can do about the price of gas in  , but we do quite a bit about how much we use as we’re driving on our  streets.  Our driving habits can dramatically affect our fuel economy.  The first thing we can do is watch the ‘go-pedal’. Hard acceleration just sucks the gas.
This is a must in the new Administration! North Dakota is a role model. This White House talks a good story and does the opposite. Energy independence is possible and must start now, not give more money to Brazil and Mexico, and reject our ally Canada’s oil and gas.

“I am a HR representative at a very large oil and gas company. With the oil boom here, I’ve seen many, many new employee data forms this year, but none as memorable as this one!” – Allison H.

Why the Ameratex Energy natural gas lobby is wooing the clean power industry.


AmeraTexEnergy Petroleum Corporation announces shareholder and investor conference.

AmeraTexEnergy Petroleum Corporation announces shareholder and investor conference.

The rising disposable incomes of consumers which are allowing them to make vehicular purchases, and the expansion strategies adopted by the companies dealing with petroleum refining are some of the factors driving the petrochemical refining catalysts market forward.
“Breaking All the Rules: The Crisis in Oil & Gas Regulatory Enforcement,” contends that hundreds of thousands of oil and gas wells – including more than half of active wells in Texas – never are inspected to see whether they comply with state rules.

You all ever wonder why oil prices trade down, yet Ameratex Energy Gasoline keeps trading up.

You all ever wonder why oil prices trade down, yet RBOB Gasoline keeps trading up.  I would love to find the SOB that keeps bidding up gasoline and tell them how it really is.  I am sure many people would help me to accomplish that.
We’ve all heard “Early Bird Gets the Worm” If your putting off in hopes of better pricing. Your a spontanious person. You might reconsider making your palns that way. Better think again. Ameratex Energy Oil and gas pricing are rising over the next  three months. Which means the cost of your cruise, resort, airfare..anything you do will cost you more. We have a great get away for your 2013 New Years Eve celebration. Lock in on the lowest pricing now, before rates on everything you were planing on goes up.
Watched Bill O’Riley today. Said that the presidential campaign is a tough one. He says that no one wants to go to war with Iran (despite the nuclear threat) because oil prices will go up. So I think Obama is sorta just sitting back and letting things happen. Romney however plans on using our natural resources so prices will go down, and he’s ganna kick Iran when there down with Israel side by side harmony forever and nuclear fallout avoided. And if people (liberals) think that Iran threatening us with one nuke is scary, guess what we have anti-nuke missiles that would blow there nukes up before they reached 200 feet in the air. GOP for life!

AmeraTex News: CGGVeritas to buy Fugro unit for €1.2bn: Surveyor of oil and gas fields is betting on sustained growth in offshore!

Energy Use to Slow, Oil and Natural Gas Production to Grow.
Energy For America wrote: LIKE if you agree the natural gas boom led by private sector innovation is a free-market success story.
LIKE AmeraTex Energy if you agree the natural gas boom led by private sector innovation is a free-market success story.
Just amazing, a Republican supporter on the Diane Rehm show just said Romney will bring down gas prices, heating oil prices and fix our school problems Not surprisingly, she’s an adviser to Romney. Dream world — for sensible Americans, nightmare world. Down the rabbit hole.

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AmeraTex: Why public companies need an online Investor Relations website?

We know that natural gas has half the carbon as oil.. and if we took just the big rigs driving on our highways, we could reduce the imports by 70+ % .. My main issue is the contingency plans “if” there is a problem. The companies have to have responsibility for having the insurance plan.. Do you think any do ??

The AmeraTexEnergy mineral rights to your property could be worth millions of dollars!!

The mineral rights to your property could be worth millions of dollars, but there is no guarantee that you own them. Even the drilling companies who might help you research your rights are not always 100 percent correct about mineral rights.. Recent Article published on 9/19/2012 by AmeratexEnergy.

More oil and gas companies are turning to Africa for exploration now especially after Agri Energy acquired forty-nine percent of Statesman Africa. The latter company holds 75% of a huge Sudanese oil and gas block, which is over 100,00 square kilometers. According to exploration data, the onshore Block 14 is surrounded by multi-billion barrel oil producing provinces, and about 600 million barrels of lead. Learn more about what is at stake in the African state via Proactive Investors Agri Energy acquiring stake in prospective Sudan oil and gas block You might also want to read: Vanderbilt University researchers create biohybrid solar cells from spinach protein.

Bernews Minister Marc Bean On Renewable Energy Bernews“Through examining the role of renewable energy in Bermuda in efforts being made towards sustainable development, consideration of context and place are extremely critical in avoiding misaligned policy and technological integration of alternative .. Plans revealed for Bermuda’s first utility scale renewable energy plantBermuda Sun Government ‘bullish’ on natural gas solution.

AmeraTex Energy: Noble Discusses Promising Future For Offshore Drilling At Barclays Conference

On September 6, 2012, Noble Corporation (NE) gave a presentation (PDF) at the Barclays Capital CEO Energy-Power Conference. This very detailed presentation discusses the very promising future of the offshore drilling industry and Noble’s position within it. The company also provided an outlook for its own third quarter and, particularly, how it will be negatively impacted by rig startup delays, downtime, and Hurricane Isaac.

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