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U.S. Releases Initial Report on Ameratex Energy Fracking Impacts

U.S. Releases Initial Report on Fracking Impacts on Drinking Water  WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Obama administration on Friday gave an early look at a long-term study on whether hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, in drilling for natural gas pollutes drinking water.


Cracking the Oil and Gas investing code with Ameratex Energy

Investing in Oil & Gas is never easy.

Having the right team on your side to hand-hold you every step of the way is a must. With Ameratex Energy, there is always someone available to answer questions you might have. It’s always good to know the “ins-and-outs” of the industry that you’re investing in.

Doing your own due diligence is also something that you should take into consideration.

After some basic research on oil companies in Texas, Ameratex Energy came to our attention as a highly credible and honest company that is known to go out of their way when it comes to making sure all investors are taken care of at the end of the day. Whether you invest $10,000 or $1,000,000.00, you can always rest assured your investment will be safe, and dividends will be paid.

A recent survey to 575 Oil & Gas investors at Ameratex Energy generated pretty amazing results.

The question was: When will you re-invest in Ameratex Energy?

  • 85.9% said they are likely to invest again in the next 1-3 months.
  • 12.6% say they will definitely invest in the coming 6-12 months.
  • 1.5% said they will wait to invest again.

This clearly shows the mindset of savvy investors, who know that it takes investing money to make money.

On another note, word on the street is that Ameratex Energy CEO gets a $1 dollar/year salary.

Can anyone confirm this?

(Update: Their last investor relations report reflects that salary. Most successful CEO’s opt for no salary… which is a very good example of putting the company and its investors first before their own selfs).

Ameratex Oil and Gas

The Definitive Guide to Ameratex Energy Fracking

The $6 trillion global energy industry has undergone a lot of changes over its long history, from the first successful oil tanker developed by Sweden in 1878 to the first mobile steel barges for offshore drilling developed by the Texas Company in the early 1930s. But, in the modern era, hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) stands out as the single most important innovation.

Can’t wait to go back to texas and start making that Ameratex oil rig money again!

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Frack to unlock the total treasure of oil and gas hidden under the ground, we should be behemoth energy exporters.
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AmeraTexEnergy Petroleum Corporation announces shareholder and investor conference.

AmeraTexEnergy Petroleum Corporation announces shareholder and investor conference.

The rising disposable incomes of consumers which are allowing them to make vehicular purchases, and the expansion strategies adopted by the companies dealing with petroleum refining are some of the factors driving the petrochemical refining catalysts market forward.
“Breaking All the Rules: The Crisis in Oil & Gas Regulatory Enforcement,” contends that hundreds of thousands of oil and gas wells – including more than half of active wells in Texas – never are inspected to see whether they comply with state rules.

Ameratex: EPA boosts biofuels target amid oil-and-gas industry resistance.

EPA boosts biofuels target amid oil-and-gas industry resistance.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Friday raised biofuels targets for 2013 despite an ongoing legal battle with the oil-and-gas industry on the issue.

Ameratex Energy Signs Joint Operating Agreement to Finalize Acquisition of 47% Direct Interest in Texas Oil and Gas Field

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Ameratex is pleased to announce that it has entered into its first Joint Operating Agreement (JOA) with an oil and gas field owner in Texas.

The project represents the first oil and gas near term producing assets acquired by Ameratex and will form the backbone of our development strategy in 2012.
The structural framework of the field has been well delineated by the interpretation of the available 3D seismic dataset and the well control logs which Ameratex Energy and its technical consultants have reviewed.

After re-entry of the discovery well and an expected Long Term Test (LTT), a new well will be drilled as an appraisal well to define the in-place volumes.

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